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OBGYN eligibility and benefits verification differs entirely from other medical specialties due to the unique and diverse range of different types of appointments, including global care analysis, antepartum visits, hospital visits, out-of-office procedures, and gynecological visits. These complexities present a real challenge regarding accurate eligibility and benefit verification and require specialty-specific expertise and knowledge. Partnering with OBGYNBillPro, experts in the OBGYN specialty will help your practice navigate these challenges effectively. Our OBGYN experts help simplify the workflow and drive financial performance.

Thorough Checks

We verify patient insurance and benefits for both primary and secondary coverage, ensuring accurate collectible amounts.

Payer Regulations

Our teams stay up to date with all the latest changes, work with all major carriers, and understand their regulations.

Accurate Demographics

Accurate demographics is the gateway to a successful practice and plays a vital role in reducing denied claims and AR days.

Struggling to bill with your EHR?

At OBGYN Billing we know the features and workarounds of your EHR system. All our RCM tools are integrated with the system you use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does patient eligibility verification improve our practice’s revenue cycle?
By verifying patient eligibility before services are rendered, we reduce the risk of claim denials and delays, leading to faster reimbursements and a more efficient revenue cycle for your practice.
How quickly can OBGYNBillPro verify a patient's eligibility?
Our verification process is designed to be efficient and timely, ensuring that we confirm a patient's eligibility as quickly as possible based on the responsiveness of the insurance provider. This helps your practice operate smoothly without unnecessary delays.
How does OBGYNBillPro ensure accurate patient eligibility verification?
Our team uses advanced software to check insurance coverage details. It works directly with insurance providers to verify benefits and coverage limits, ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date information.
What will you do if pre-authorization is denied?
If pre-authorization is denied, we will notify you immediately with the reason provided by your insurance company. Our team will review the denial and discuss possible next steps, including assisting you with an appeal, providing additional documentation to support the request, or exploring alternative treatment options with your healthcare provider. We aim to ensure you receive the necessary care with the best coverage.

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